How to survive online classes? Jak přežít online výuku?

12 tips made by septima. Shortlisted by 95 Gymnázium Polička students earlier this week. Read them, follow them, and survive!

Before classes:

  1. Set your alarm clock so that you can get ready without stress.
  2. Prepare tasty snacks that you can eat during classes.
  3. Have a comfortable and peaceful place to enjoy your classes. Bring a glass of water or a cup of coffee.
  4. Lock your younger siblings in the bathroom.

In classes:

  1. Concentrate and pay attention to online classes, so you don´t have to study it all by yourself in your free time.
  2. Try to think only about the stuff you are trying to learn. Don´t look out of the window, the shining sun will wait for you. Now, you must sit in front of the shiny teacher´s face.
  3. Try to stay off your phone.
  4. Write down all the things you have to do + when they are due. It is easy to get lost without this.
  5. If you want to run to the toilet while a lesson is already on, wait. The teacher will surely want to speak to you while you are gone.

Outside the classes:

  1. Take a walk after your school day.
  2. Make to – do list every day. Keep track of your homework and start with the most important things to do.
  3. Text your teacher if you don't know. If she/he doesn't know, text the head teacher. If he doesn't know, text the minister. If he doesn't know, ask your puppy dog.